SP Charan Refutes Rumours For Not Paying Balasubrahmanyam Treatment Bills, Holds Press Meet
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In a video, singer-producer SP Charan explained that he did not seek assistance from the government of Tamil Nadu or Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu to clear the hospital bills of his father, SP Balasubrahmanyam. By calling them hogwash, Charan denied these rumours. Charan posted a video on his Facebook page barely 24 hours after his father's funeral, in which he described the rumours about his father's hospital bills. He said there were rumours about the amount of the pending bill and that he had asked for support from the state government. These rumours suggested, when they did not reciprocate, that he had approached the Vice President, who had reciprocated immediately. It was also said that the hospital declined to hand over the mortal remains of his dad until the bill had been cleared, he stated.

"Let me say something, all of this is a huge hogwash," said Charan in the video. Charan continued, speaking about these rumours: "Whoever spreads this message does not seem to realise how harmful and offensive it is to those associated with the issue.  I don't think SPB fans will do this kind of thing. I want to forgive this person or the individuals who spread these rumours. I hope he'll make some sense of it and do the right thing. As a family, we are totally thankful for all that MGM Healthcare has done for us, for my dad as a patient and for us as a family who attended and took care of him. I always enjoy going to the hospital and enjoy meeting with all the doctors and nurses."

In a press conference on Monday, held jointly with doctors at MGM Healthcare who treated the singer, Charan said he had asked the hospital about the balance that had to be resolved after the death of his father, but the hospital authorities refused to consider any pending payment.

“We had been settling the bill sum in weekly instalments and one part was covered by the insurance. We had inquired about pending payments after my father's death and had gone with the money, but the hospital staff said the management had inquired them to deny us the money, Charan said. Charan said he had contacted Health Secretary J Radhakrishnan of Tamil Nadu to explain whether the state government had provided financial assistance.

I was told that the government of Tamil Nadu had offered to help in any way they wanted. I was not sure if this included financially too. So, I spoke to the Secretary of Health a week ago to explain if any such announcement had been made. He was not sure and told me he was going to explain and get back to me,' said Charan. Hospital officials said the state government had been in contact with them, inquiring about the health status of the singer.

Charan reported that the decision to move the mortal remains of the SPB from its Nungambakkam residence to its Thamaraipakkam farm was taken at the request of police officers. With some in the crowd even scaling the walls of the neighbouring house to get the singer's last sight, the property sustained heavy damage, he said. Charan said he is in talks with local officials from the panchayat and others are worried about a memorial where the singer was laid to rest.

He also demanded that time and space be given to the family to cope with and heal in private from their loss.

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