Social Media War Between YSRCP Leaders For Ticket
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YSR Congress party has almost informally confirmed tickets to all the constituencies in East Godavari district except Mandapeta segment. Here the political scenario is completely different when compared to the entire Godavari districts.

In Mandapeta, businessmen and doctors are more in number and so either of them have represented the AP assembly on many occasions. Also Kamma community leaders dominate Mandapeta politics and it has a history too. In the last elections, YSRCP burned its hand by allotting ticket to Kapu community leader and this time it is not taking any second chances.

But the troubles continue to haunt YSRPCP as leaders of this constituency have no coordination between them and work for their individual growth instead of party's. Mandapeta YSRCP leaders Pithani Annavaram and Vegulla Pattabhi Ramayya Chowdhary are on a war with each other and it reached peaks in the last few days. For the last four and half years, it's constituency convener Pattabhi Ramayya who shoulder the party but all of sudden YSRCP has appointed Pithani Annavaram as coordinator and this led to a fight.

Pattabhi is actively campaigning in the constituency and is being available to party workers. He is also campaigning that ticket will be allotted to him. As this news reached Pithani, he condemned it. A YSRCP enthusiast posted a video of Pithani rubbishing ticket allotment to Pattabhi on social media. The video got circulated in the constituency a lot and invited a counter from Pattabhi. Another YSRCP worker also posted a video of Pattabhi criticising Pithani on social media.

Now there is a social media war going on between these two leaders for the assembly ticket. It will be interesting to see who will YSRCP leadership prefers in the end amidst these tensions.



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