Sivaji Critical Comments On Mohanbabus Agitation
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Actor Sivaji has attacked veteran actor Mohan Babu and found fault with his "agitation" against the alleged non-payment of fee reimbursements to his students.

Taking Mohan Babu's name directly, Sivaji said, "Mohan Babu has never came out on to streets demanding the Special Category Status. Today, he came out for the pending fee reimbursements to his company (college) which is a profit-earning company. It's a private organization. Definitely, a private organization has right to protest when it has dues from the government, but do they get their pending monies from the government when the Election Code is in place."

"I respect Mohan Babu garu. He knows that the government can't clear dues now. But why he is taking agitation route now," questioned Sivaji. Calling the time of agitation as "wrong situation", Sivaji said whether Mohan Babu or his organization or college or his students have participated in the agitation of the Special Category Status. Sivaji said it is a deficit state and where can the government give money to all. "Should government give money to farmers or women or old-aged people or unemployed youth or students. Government is disbursing the money to everyone in a step-by-step manner," said Sivaji defending the ruling state government. He further questioned Mohan Babu that why he is resorting to do agitation right before elections.

Sivaji's comments are expected to heat up politics within the film industry as both are from film industry background. Manchu family is yet to respond to Sivaji's critical comments.



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