Sharmila Hunger Strike: Sustains Serious Injury As A Result Of The Chaos
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YS Sharmila announced a while ago that she would be starting a political party in Telangana, and that she intends to bring the golden days of her father’s rule back in Telangana. She even locked in on July 8th as the date when she would officially launch her party in the state.

Today, YS Sharmila went on a hunger strike near Indira Park in Hyderabad, demanding the TRS government to release the 1.91 lakh job notifications and to fill in all the job vacancies in the state. The Police department had given her permission of only 8 hours for her strike, but she was intent on continuing it for more. However, she was made to vacate the area by the police.

Sharmila then decided to walk to her residence at Lotus Pond but was once again stopped by the police department. This led to a disagreement between police personnel and Sharmila’s followers. In the chaos that ensued, Sharmila fell unconscious for a few moments, following which she was taken to Lotus Pond in a police van.

Sharmila is said to have sustained a serious injury on her arm, as a result of the chaos. An emergency medical team is said to have conducted several tests on her at her residence in Lotus Pond, and several of her supporters also arrived at her residence to make sure she’s okay. Sharmila is said to have warned that things wouldn’t be so simple if she was hurt a second time.

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