Selena Gomez Gets 34 Million For Her One Instagram Post
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Social media networks have become one of the most important inventions in this century and the era of social media is currently going on. Posting pictures have become a daily routine for both commoners as well as celebrities. However, there are a few celebs who actually earn something with them.

Hollywood singer and actress Selena Gomez is one such beauty. She has more than 141 million followers on her official Instagram page and each and every picture she shares gets a minimum of 10 lakh likes. This is just a sample of her fan following. Because of her popularity, even the big brands are coming forward to make her as their brand ambassador. Selena is currently working as the brand ambassador of a famous German company Puma and posts some pictures of their brand products on social media. For each and every picture she shares on Instagram as a promotion of Puma products, the actress will get a whopping amount of 24.75 crores.

This beauty with brains also has a generous heart and donates most of her earnings to the charity. As she recently suffered from a kidney related disease and was saved because of her friend who donated her kidney, Selena uses most of her earnings to help people like her. 




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