SEC Ramesh Kumar Will Face 3-year Jail Term: Minister Peddireddy
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The ego battle between the YCP and the State Election Commissioner has turned uglier. Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy has started a personal level attack at SEC Ramesh Kumar. The SEC is just like any other officer working in the Government. Whereas, the Minister has higher powers. The SEC cannot issue an order for not allowing a Minister to move out of his residence during the elections.

Peddireddy further asserted that Ramesh Kumar would have to appear before the Assembly Privileges Committee sooner or later. There would be no way the SEC can escape from the 3 year jail punishment for all his wrongdoings. Ramesh Kumar was thinking himself to be the President of India.

Minister Peddireddy’s comment on the SEC orders has triggered a huge controversy. The Minister has threatened all those election officials and District Collector who follow the SEC orders would face serious action in future. The SEC has ordered action against the Minister saying he should not be allowed to move out.

Peddireddy now says Ramesh Kumar has been carrying out only the orders of Chandrababu Naidu and they are not acceptable for the YCP.

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