Republic - C Voter Ratings - TDP Beats YCP
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Just 2 days ahead of elections, Arnab Goswami's Republic TV has dropped a bomb on YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's YSR Congress Party which has been dreaming of bagging more Assembly and Parliament seats than the ruling TDP. Republic TV - C Voter survey has predicted that Chandrababu Naidu-lead TDP will win more Parliament seats than Jagan Reddy's YCP. Though Republic - C Voter's National Approval Ratings (claimed as the biggest opinion poll) said the margin between TDP and YCP would be small, and it projected that TDP would win 14 seats and YCP would win 11 seats.

The vote share projections also predict that TDP would get 38.5 percent whereas YSRCP would get 36.4 percent and BJP would get 6.5 percent and Congress would get 10.4 percent.

Although the projections are for Parliament elections, certainly this could be drawn parallels to Assembly elections results. As Parliament candidates set to create huge influence in the Assembly segments in their parliament constituency, this could be an advantage for TDP overall. However, one has to wait and watch till May 23rd to get to know the final pulse of the people.



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