Report Card Of Every Major Political Party,Pros And Cons
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As there are hardly 12 days for the polling day in Andhra Pradesh, the stakes are very high this time. For Telugu Desam Party, this is an election to retain its honour. For YSR Congress, it is a make or break election. And, for Jana Sena Party, it is a pilot phase that will reflect its impact on the state. While these three are caught in a triangular contest, the Congress and the BJP also are in race to regain voters and make their presence felt. However, for every party, there are pros and cons that could tilt the scales for them.

Here's a report card of every major political party:

Telugu Desam Party: 

- Welfare schemes such as pension, input subsidy 
- Loan waiver and Pasupu Kumkuma scheme for women
- Providing water to drought-hit Rayalaseema 
- Fast development and construction of buildings and infrastructure in the capital region
- Brisk progress of Polavaram Project

- Inefficiency in fighting for Special Status for AP
- Widespread corruption allegations 
- No focus or schemes focussed on private-sector employees

YSR Congress Party:

- Padayatra helped transform Jagan's image 
- Emerging anti-incumbency against the ruling TDP
- Strong backing of Reddy and Christian communities 
- BJP's secret support 

- Failure to play role of the Opposition effectively 
- Lack of strong party cadre & criminal cases against Jagan
- Partnership with TRS 
- Creating law & order disturbance 

Jana Sena Party: 

- Promise of new-age politics and clean image 
- Well thought-out manifesto addressing critical focus areas
- Strong backing from the Kapu community
- Has potential to emerge as the Opposition Party if its growth is strategised well

- Lack of strong party cadre
- Seen as a political novice & lack of administrative skills


- Promise of special status if it comes to power 

- Anger for dividing united AP as the state is still suffering its aftermath
- Division has created bitterness among Telugu people 
- Mahaghtabandhan impact may be negligible due to lack of alliance

Bharatiya Janata Party:

Pros: None


- Lack of funds for AP capital & meagre allocation for Polavaram
- Not fulfilling promises in AP Reorganisation Act & that of Special Status
- Adamant in helping AP financially
- Prime Minister Narendra Modi's image doesn't work locally

Report: Going by the current political trends and equations in the state, many believe that TDP Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu has an edge and will be voted to power to finish the projects he started, along with Polavaram and other major irrigation projects. 

Meanwhile, Jagan had gained considerable goodwill until his Padayatra while he took a misstep by partnering with Telangana Rashtra Samithi's K. Chandrasekhar Rao. This alliance has garnered a lot of negative image for the party and has not gone down well with the people. On the other hand, Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan's change in election pitch, targeting YSR Congress, BJP and the TRS has come as a pleasant surprise to voters.

Overall, the election pitch is at its peak this campaigning season and every party is eyeing a seat at the hustings. However, subjects such as education and health still need to be a top priority for any party that forms the government. 



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