Reason Behind Super Star Krishna Quitting Acting
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There are so many senior heroes in Tollywood but Superstar Krishna sure has a special place. He is one of the most talented actors who used to release at least one movie in a month. He has entertained the audience for four decades with his versatile roles and acted in more than 350 films.

But in the past 10 years, Krishna has been staying away from the movies. It has been a long time since the fans saw him on the silver screens. The audiences are asking him to play supporting roles at least. Recently, Krishna responded on this. 

He said that he played supporting roles in movies like Mallanna, Baladoor etc but the audience got disappointed with his body language and commented that his walk is changed. With the thought that artist should be perfect, he took that small complaint as a big one and bid goodbyes to the films. He added that every day any one of his movies is being telecasted on the TV so the fans don't have to miss him. He further continued that he still watches films in his home theatre if a movie gets a good response.




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