Real Hero Sonu Sood Tests Positive For Covid19, Let’s Hear What He Says..
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Sonu Sood has tested positive for Covid-19, the actor shared his diagnosis on Twitter on Saturday. Sood shared, “This is to inform you that I have tested positive this morning for Covid-19. As a part of precaution, I’ve already quarantined myself and taking utmost care. But don’t worry, this gives me ample time to solve your problems, remember that I’m always there for you.”

Sonu Sood has been at the forefront of helping people ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. From arranging transport for stranded migrant workers to helping patients who suffer from serious diseases, Sonu has been hailed for his humanitarian work.

On Friday, the actor had expressed his helplessness over being unable to arrange hospital beds and medicines for Covid-19 patients from all across India. Taking to Twitter, Sonu urged people to come forward and help the needy.

Sonu had tweeted, “Since morning I haven’t kept my phone down, thousands of calls from all over India for HOSPITAL BEDS, MEDICINES, INJECTIONS and still not able to provide to many of them, I feel so helpless. The situation is scary, pls stay at home ,wear mask and prevent yourself from infection.”

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