Rashmi Responds Wisely To A Netizens Question Over Her Age And Weight
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Gone are the days where heroines hide their age and try to project themselves as 22-year-old hotties. Now, we have the brigade of this 30 plus sirens taking the mantle including that of Nayantara (33 years of age), Anushka (36 years), Trisha (35 years), Kajal (33 years) and Samantha (31 years).

An interesting thing is that few netizens keep blasting some hotties regarding their age and weight, but only some will take that in their stride before answering that in their own way. When a netizen advised popular anchor and actress Rashmi that she should keep a control of her physique as she is crossing 30 by looking at other 30+ sirens like Samantha and Kajal, she made interesting comments. 

"Well, I'm not almost turning 30. That ship sailed quite some time back" says Rashmi, laughing to the core. Coming to the weight gain, she added, "Since we do TV it gets noticed very visibly unlike in films where you get your gaps and time to focus exclusively on yourself. And also what’s the big deal? It’s after all weight, you lose some you gain some". 





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