Rape Of Minor Is Rape,But Rape Of Married Woman Is Different-UP BJP Minister
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"Rape has its nature"- claims a Minister from Uttar Pradesh. "Rapes are of different natures. If a minor is raped then we consider it as a case of rape. But, if a married woman aged 30-35 is raped, then the matter is different," says Upendra Tiwari, who is a Water Resources, Forest and Environment Minister.

He went on to justify that there are a few cases where people in a relationship complain of rape after a few years of a marriage falling out; that matter is different from the rape of a minor. This statement from the minister right when barbaric Aligarh murder case is on headlines is bringing outrage once again.

Though cops have ruled out rape possibilities in Aligarh murder case, in India, innumerable rapes happen every single day and it is among the top five common crimes against women. And, most of the cases happens because of friends or known persons. Already, the country has been tagged as the most unsafe country for women, and on the other hand, people like Upendra Tiwari are making ridiculous comments  with a new classification of the heinous crime.



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