Ram Gopal Varma: RGV Shocking Comments On Chandrababu’s Tears
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Ram Gopal Varma, the film director and controversy's best buddy, shot a few tweets on the topic of Chandrababu crying today. In a tweet he mentioned -"I heard that one should not believe a laughing woman and a crying man.

I love a laughing woman because it looks good to see. But seeing a man crying in public doesn't bring sympathy but feels disgusting".

In another tweet he wrote- "It’s a shame that this man cried like a woman on International Men's Day and women will laugh in exactly the opposite reaction to his intention of making them cry with his ultra bad acting in his grand plan of getting their sympathy vote .. ..Hey @ncbn WOMEN ARE NOT THAT DUMB"Not stopping there he also congratulated Shritej, the actor who freshly won Santhosham Award for his role in RGV's "Lakshmi's NTR".

RGV tweeted- "CONGRATS to @actorshritej for getting Santosham Special Jury Award  for enacting the real side of @ncbn in Lakshmi’s NTR".

In another tweet RGV also promoted his new upcoming film "RGV Missing" by using Chandrababu's crying video.So far he posted about 6 six tweets today only on the topic of Chandrababu Naidu.

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