Ram Gopal Varma: 'I'm Not Going To Change My Lifestyle Just Because Corona Prevails In The World.'
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On Monday, at Somajiguda Press Club in Hyderabad, the maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma launched a book about himself called 'Varma Mana Karma.' Rekha Parvathala, a 25-year-old Telugu girl who has imbibed the philosophies of RGV about life, marriage, independence, social limits, etc., is writing the 110-page publication. The 58-year-old director has admitted on numerous occasions that he lives life on his own terms and does not care about anything else. While Varma is detested by a section of people for his films and controversial statements, there are several groups who love him and get inspired. RGV was asked about the on-going Covid-19 crisis and the safety measures he was taking at the end of the incident. The 'Shiva' director said in his signature style, "Till date, I have not worn a face mask, used a sanitizer or followed norms of social distance.  I won't mind dying if I can't live life according to my own terms. I'm not going to change my lifestyle just because Corona prevails in the world."

Rekha Parvathala has been closely watching the films of Ram Gopal Varma and listening to his interviews in print and digital media, ever since she saw 'Shiva' as a child. "His thoughts are radical and practical on life, marriage, freedom, social boundaries and other aspects, and, in particular, his talk about the futility of marriage and children is highly convincing. This novel," she said, "is an attempt to unravel a man who is incredibly misunderstood". The Telangana High Court recently gave a green signal for the release of the Telugu film 'Murder' by RGV and announced that the film could go ahead without the actual names of Amrutha, Pranay, Maruthi Rao and others being used. The film is based on a 2018 real-life incident in which killers hired by his father in law assassinate a Dalit youth.

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