Ram Charan Seems To Be More Focused On Syeraa
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This is not us speaking, it is the popular perception among the Industry insiders and Mega Fans.

Ram Charan is doing a film with Boyapati Srinu and also producing Sye Raa. Many fans of the actor wanted him to use Independence Day and his father's birthday occasions to promote his film too. 

But the actor doesn't want to reveal anything till November or December as per the insiders and close sources to the film unit. 

Rangasthalam team has set the expectations of audiences by giving fillers about Charan's character and the 1980's backdrop, several months prior to release.

Now, the actor should have used the opportunity to set his next big film expectations as well. But he talked about Sye Raa more. 

Before Khaidi No. 150 too, he just promoted Dhruva but concentrated more on his father's film. He is repeating the same. 

Well, fans want him to balance his film with his father's film and not ignore one for another. 




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