Ram Charan In Action For Janasena
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There are only a mere two days left for the showdown of political parties in Andhra Pradesh as their campaigning is likely to end by April 9th as the state goes to vote on 11th. And then, Janasena party is getting its celebrity campaigners in the last two days. 

Like we reported long back, Ram Charan is getting ready to promote the 'tea glass' and he has already made it to Visakhapatnam District, with a bandage to the left ankle. And that explains how much he loves to campaign for his Baabai as the star hero joined the Janasena show despite an injury. 

After reaching Janasena party office in Vijayawada, Charan got welcomed by the cadres, and then he will be flying along with Pawan Kalyan to the Visakhapatnam district to campaign alongside the president. We have to see what difference Janasena will be making with Charan's entry. 



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