Rahul Has To Grow Up In Politics Says KCR
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AICC President Rahul Gandhi stirred up a political debate on KCR family's rule during his two-day tour in Telangana.

Responding to Rahul's allegations that power and administration are in the hands of KCR and his family members, KCR admitted that his family is ruling the state just like the Gandhi family ruled the country for decades.

The TRS Chief said that the only difference is his family is ruling better than the Gandhi family, with an aim to simultaneously develop the state and its people. He also stated that Rahul needs to grow up in politics, as the latter has been making immature comments. He said that Rahul hugging the Prime Minister in the Lok Sabha made it clear that the AICC President has to learn politics more seriously.

KCR held an emergency state executive meeting and adopted resolutions. In a crucial decision, KCR said that the TRS will contest alone in upcoming general elections. Names of the candidates will be announced from September onwards. He lambasted the BJP and Congress for the present crisis in the country and also ruled out any secret understanding with the BJP. KCR also brought to the fore the idea to float the Federal Front as an alternative to the two failed national parties.



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