Raghu Rama Krishnam Raju Files Petition Against AP CM YS Jagan Bail Plea
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A lot of political heat was already generated over YCP rebel MP Raghu Rama Raju’s complaint in the court seeking cancellation of bail to AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy. But, reports have started coming in that RRR’s complaint was rejected by the court because of lack of merit in the petition.

Rajugaru immediately issued statements clarifying what happened. He said that his petition was not rejected by the court. It was only that the hearing was not taken up for technical reasons. The court has asked for the certified copy of the bail granted by the CBI-ED court in Hyderabad.

The rebel MP said that he had already submitted an application for getting the certified copy of the bail given to Jagan Reddy. Once the copy was made available, the same would be submitted for taking forward the case.

Rajugaru said that once again, the petition would be filed in the court with fresh details. It will come up for hearing next week. However, the YCP leaders say that it was a fact that the RRR petition was rejected technically or otherwise. All the talk of RRR petition for CM bail cancellation has ended in a farce. Litigation politics reached a peak amidst the Tirupati poll fight.

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