Puri Musings: Puri Jagannadh Opens About Nepotism In Tollywood In His Podcast, Check Out The Video
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In his podcasts entitled Puri Musings, Puri Jagannadh has discussed different topics and one of the most recent ones he talked about is nepotism. He provided the instance of how a mother prefers to feed her own child and the child of her friend first instead of feeding an unknown one, talking about how nepotism and cronyism are in our blood. He says, "When children inherit the debts of their parents, why shouldn't they be successful too?  Anyone who cries about it is only jealous of the success of someone else, as anything from politics to business runs on these lines, everything that makes money." 

In addition, adding that nobody can stop talent, he says, "Understand that you will do the same for your child when you reach the heights of success. Only those who are talented, not those who have celebrity parents, achieve success. Don't fall for social media fads because every one of us competes and the talented still win in the same dog race." If the comments are anything to go by, his podcast and opinions on nepotism received a mixed response, with some agreeing with him and others disagreeing. On the work front, with Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Panday in the lead roles, Puri Jagannadh will soon direct Warrior. Prior to the pandemic, the film produced by Charmme was being filmed. His son, Akash Puri, will soon be featured in a film called Romantic, which sees Ketika Sharma as his co-star.

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