Pros And Cons Of New AP39 Series Registrations For Vehicles
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AP government is all set to launch a major move in vehicle registrations. The registration number of a new vehicle from any district in the state of Andhra Pradesh will start with AP 39, unlike the current process of registering numbers with AP followed by respective district code.

AP Govt decided to launch this new process and already issued a notification regarding this on Wednesday. The new registration process comes to implementation only after reviewing the suggestions and objections across the state for next 15 days. AP transport authority's slogan behind the new registration process says 'One State One Code'.

How does this work?

The existing process of registrations for vehicles starts by giving the numbers with AP followed by district code and then a four digit vehicle code. With the launch of the new registration process, any new vehicle will have a number plate starting with AP39.

The series starting with AP39A 0001 ends at AP39A 9999, and then the next series with AP39B 0001 begins and so on. The same code applies for Government vehicles including APSRTC vehicles registrations start with AP39Z , Police department vehicles with AP39P and Transport vehicles with T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z. AP Govt is first to launch this new registration process.  

In the current process, a vehicle owner must have a local address for registration in that district. Vehicle owners who wish to have fancy numbers are finding ways to get a fake address in the nearby districts where the price and competition for such numbers is relatively less. With the new process, they need not approach for fake addresses, instead bid for the fancy numbers they want for a higher price in their own district. 

How Bad Is It?

With around 4000 to 4250 vehicles getting registered each day in AP, a new series begins after every second day. Though this brings the new series of numbers for 15 days in a month for the fancy number seekers, the prices for those numbers might burn their pockets. And also the vehicle owners who wish to get their district codes like for new vehicles have to give up on it and pour in more money for the number they want in the auction. 

This process is beneficial for the Transport Department and expensive for vehicle owners seeking fancy numbers for registration. Transport Department will be earning more monies with the new registration process as they can auction more fancy numbers in short time, possibly 4 to 5 times more than the current earning through fancy numbers.






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