Producer Announced A New Date Of The Second Schedule For Disco Raja
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With producer trying to impose cuts on the budget of his upcoming film, it is rumoured that Mass Raja has simply stalled the film. But now, the producer announced a new date regarding the commencement of the second schedule of the movie, after entertaining the rumours for a month.

We are talking about Raviteja's Disco Raja, whose shooting got halted a couple of weeks ago due to some unknown reasons. Since then, there are rumours everywhere that the producer Ram Talluri insisted on cutting the film's budget by 10 crores and hence Ravi has stalled the movie. But now, the producer has come up with a poster that reads the film's second schedule will start from May 27th. 

According to the grapevine, the producer is said to have given up his demands and agreed to invest whatever Raviteja demands from him. Rather getting the project halted midway, it's better to finish it at any cost and sell to distributors and buyers, they say. 

Directed by VI Anand, Disco Raja has Payal Rajput in the lead, while Nabha Natesh is also playing another important role. 



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