Polavaram Itself Become Jittery Subject For All Parties
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Ever since the ruling Telugu Desam Party took up the works of Polavaram Project and is racing towards its promise of completing it by this year end, Polavaram has become a poll plank in Andhra Pradesh elections. While the TDP has time and again claimed that the project's benefits will drought-proof the Rayalaseema region and ensure year-round water for farmers across the state, there have been several politicians from the Opposition YSR Congress Party as well as the Congress and the BJP who have opposed it and called it TDP's "vanity project."

The TDP has constructed Pattiseema Lift Irrigation Project through the Polavaram Left Main Canal, in order to provide water to Krishna Delta farmers. Through this, the TDP received huge appreciation from farmers and people alike as well as marketed it as "lifeline for Andhra Pradesh." Interestingly, Polavaram which is perceived as lifeline for Andhra Pradesh, has now become a lifeline for political parties in the state too. 

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi remarking and criticising that the Polavaram is like "ATM for TDP," the project has once again acquired importance at a time when there is an atmosphere of allegations and counter-allegations. The YSR Congress claims that the project was initiated by Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy and that the TDP just fixed a few motor pumps. It also alleged large-scale corruption by the TDP government in awarding contracts. 

However, with the pace and progress of the Polavaram projects, the Telugu Desam Party has been successful in projecting it as the party's success. Even farmers in Krishna Delta have come forward to show their support for reaping the benefits of Pattiseema project. On the other hand, YSR Congress could be at a disadvantage as the Telangana government is trying to stop the project's progress and creating obstacles. While YSRCP-TRS partnership has been openly accepted by its party President Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy, the TRS' false claims that Polavaram will deprive Telangana of water could affect YSRCP's prospects in Andhra Pradesh. 

Currently, Telangana is also pressurizing the Odisha government to oppose the project. Unfortunately, all of this will directly affect the YSR Congress and create an image that the party is supporting TRS which is opposing the development of Andhra Pradesh. In a way, this could backfire for YSRCP and turn out to be a huge headache for the party that is trying to win this election by any chance. 

In conclusion, the Polavaram in itself has become jittery subject for political parties which are getting mileage out of it. For some it has turned out to be good and for some, bad.



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