Pic Talk- Jersey Fame Hot Troubles
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One of the most common problems for actors in South is that they will be offered a same or similar role if they get a success or got famous in one particular role. Actresses who garner great fame with their performances also face this trouble. 

Shraddha Srinath's performance in Jersey is much applauded and now the chances are high that directors who wish their female leads to be glamorous, may not want to approach her for such roles. Shraddha seems to have realized the damage done to her glamour side by a non-glamourous performance. 

Right after the appreciation meet of Jersey, some sultry photoshoot pictures of Shraddha Srinath surfaced on the internet. Shraddha appeared very hot and her tattoo is sure to steal some looks. These look like measures to stop glamor roles from skipping her. 

Earlier, many heroines who proved their acting prowess, struggled a lot to bag that 'hot' tag. We have to see if Shraddha Srinath signs a role that shows her beauty too!



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