Petition Filed Against CBN About Bihari Dacoit Remark In Muzaffarpur Court
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The judicial magistrate of Muzzafarpur court inn Bihar has said it is considering the petition filed against Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu for using the word 'Bihari Dacoit' in one of his speeches during the election campaign.

An advocate who's identity is yet to known filed the petition and added that the AP CM had insulted all the people of Bihar by using the above mentioned word. The court has said it is taking the petition into cognizance and postponed the next hearing to March 28th.

In Ongole election campaign, Chandrababu has called Prashant Kishor who is the political strategist of YSR Congress, a Bihari dacoit. The AP CM said PK is giving is criminal suggestions to the YSRCP and accordingly many votes were removed in Andhra Pradesh. 



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