People Are Now Asking-Jagan Garu,meeru Chestunna Comedy Enti
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"Our democracy is in a situation where we can't hold a press conference in Vijayawada. They are using police as their personal servants. Is this what democracy means" questioned YS Jagan, through his tweet, giving supporting to filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma. He further added, "Chandrababu garu, Ram Gopal Varma chesina tappenti??"

In the wake of Andhra Pradesh cops detaining Ram Gopal Varma and his Lakshmi's NTR producer at the airport, saying that they can't hold a press conference as the election code is in place, it looks like YS Jagan has taken the side of Varma. But then, Jagan's comments are actually creating loads of fun in social media. 

Because right now Election Commission and Chief Secretary are the ones who are literally running the government but not Chandrababu Naidu. As a caretaker CM, he will not be holding so many powers to control the police force and use like a 'bantrothulu' like how Jagan said in his tweet. Looks like the opposition leader has forgotten whom to blame at this point of time. 

Well, until May 23rd, it looks like YS Jagan will continue bashing Chandrababu. Anyway, in this particular context, people are now asking: "Jagan garu!! meeru chestunna comedy enti?"



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