Paytm Cash For Vote,Voters Are So Tech-Savvy
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With Digital payments system penetrating to the lowest sections of the society and becoming accessible to all, Indian voters have got so technology-savvy that they are ready to accept any payment through these digital transaction platforms. As India is trying to become a less cash economy by maximising digital transactions, voters too have gone to the extent of seeking bribes digitally.

In fact, political parties in Andhra Pradesh are setting a new trend in paying bribes digitally. Some political parties are already distributing chip-based cards which have pre-loaded money or incentives in them and can be redeemed based on the code on the card. The incentives include food, money, liquor and any other inducements offered by the political party. Some include clothes too. 

Additionally, these parties are also tying up with platforms such as Paytm to offer cash back offers to customers' Paytm wallets, based on their attendance at a public meeting or their "promise of vote" to a certain party. According to this understanding, if a voter attends a public meeting, a cash back offer of Rs. 1500 or above is credited into his/her Paytm wallet. 

In the name of giving voter slips to voters, agents from certain political parties visit homes and create Paytm logins for them. After this, they ensure that the cash back offer is given to them. However, some voters are unhappy due to the lack of cash in their hands. Not everyone can redeem cash back offers nor can they buy things online with ease. However, political parties are even extending a helping hand to those voters who are not so tech-savvy in online buying. 

Like they say, no wonder Andhra voters are so tech-savvy that they even accept bribes through digital payments platforms! 



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