Pawankalyan Never Depend On Kapu Vote Banks Like Other Parties
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n a surprising move, Janasena President Pawan Kalyan has given the ticket of Eluru MLA constituency to Reddy Appalanaidu, a BC Community Kapu leader from the town, who is known for confronting Denduluru MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar. But what are the thoughts of Eluru folks over this?

Actually, Eluru town has a majority of Kapu population, followed by Vysa and other communities, while BCs form the rest. That's the reason many parties actually field Kapu candidates here. While TDP is fielding Badeti Bujji and YSRC giving a ticket to Alla Nani, two experienced Kapu leaders in the town, many folks demanded that Pawan Kalyan should contest here. 

No doubt the Kapu factor would have helped Pawan bigtime to make a clean sweep in this constituency, but the Janasena president is not convinced with the logic that he should depend on Kapu vote banks. At the same time, there is nothing he could do to this constituency as it has no big problems related to water, health or any other developmental issues. 

A man of good heart, Pawan feels that if he contests from somewhere in Srikakulam, he could help the region develop, at least in his constituency, even if his party fails to form a crucial role in forming the government. Well, it's emotion that wins over logic and Pawan did the same it looks like. 



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