Pawankalyan Closes Polls With Clean Beard And Hair Cut
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After the Parliamentary and Legislative Assembly Elections were concluded, Pawan Kalyan was in Mangalagiri to visit Dasavathara Lord Venkateswara Temple. He was seen serving food to the devotees and also carrying the offers to the Lord. It’s very common in India that we devotees feel it as auspicious to offer something before the beginning of any special work and also after it.

 After that, the latest pic that surfaced showed Pawan Kalyan in a clean shave and he has got his hair cut. He has been maintaining the bearded look for the past six months. In this new-look, he seems to be a bit different with a little facial weight gain. The double chin gave the vibe that Pawan Kalyan might have put on some weight but not very conspicuous, though. Anyway, it’s refreshing to see him this way, after long.

Now that the fate of all the political leaders in AP is sealed for more than a month, there would be a typical condition of uncertainty prevailing in the state. We should see if Pawan Kalyan stays active in the political arena or else, has other prior personal commitments that he would like to dedicate his time for. 




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