Pawan Says Not To Play Games With Students Lives
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Telangana state Intermediate board's  goof ups in Intermediate results led to a huge chaos and 17 students end their lives. Ever since the results were declared parents and students have been agitating to do justice for them. 

Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan has stood in support of the students. He sent a press note seeking justice to the students.

"TS Intermediate board threw the future of the students into a chaotic state. Don't play games with their lives. Pathetically, 17 students lost their lives post the results were announced. The government should take up the responsibility on this issue. Students are suspecting the transparency in paper valuation and result declaration. Their doubts must be clarified. However, it is a sad state of affairs, the officials speaking rudely against the students and parents and we are condemning the attitude of the officials. Re-valuation and re-verification of answer scripts are done with free of cost. 

Students shouldn't lose their hearts and shouldn't commit suicides. Janasena stands in support of them. The compensation should be announced to the kin of the deceased. Strict action should be taken on board's officials and the software company who indulged in results fiasco. They should be probed," Janasena chief said.



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