Pawan Kalyan Satirical Comments On Chandranna And Indiramma Schemes
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Whatever the project or airport or a scheme the Congress party names, it will be either Indiramma or Rajeev Gandhi's names. And whatever the TDP does, it will have NTR's name and recently they started using Chandrababu Naidu's name too. And now, the Janasena President takes a dig at this.

"When Congress is in power it names all schemes as Indiramma schemes. And TDP is now going ahead with the name Chandranna. But if Janasena comes to power, I will not name it like Pawan Kalyan Bheema Padhakam", says Pawan Kalyan, erupting his cadres into huge laughs.  

He later added, "As we claim today that ours is Andhra Pradesh state, it is due to the fast unto death of Potti Sriramulu. But where are we honoring them? We will name our schemes after those legendary leaders". One can understand the feeling of Pawan Kalyan because many big projects in the country are named by Congress folks with Indira and Rajiv's names. 

However, if Pawan should really get a chance to rename or name new projects with such great Telugu personalities, probably he should devise more of vote-turnout strategies in his political design. Else, all these speeches might go in vain.  



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