Pawan Kalyan Reveals About His Best Pal Ali Joining YSRCP
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It was an enigma when many film celebrities who called themselves great fans of Pawan Kalyan, stay away from his political party and joined all the other political outfits. Be it Comedian Ali, Kona Venkat, Bigg Boss Kaushal or the event presenter Shyamala, all of them claimed to be Pawan fans and admirers.

Comedian Ali, known as best friend of Pawan Kalyan joined YS Jagan's party, surprising everyone. When asked about the same, Ali stated that he was not invited into Janasena and did not want to mix films with politics. But, Pawan Kalyan responded about his best pal Ali joining YSRC. The Janasenani says Ali believed that Jagan is stronger than Pawan kalyan in political arena and that is the reason he chose to join YSRC party. 

Comedian Ali may not speak more about Pawan's response anytime soon. Though he joined YSRC, aspiring the MLA ticket from Guntur or Rajahmundry, he was not offered anything. Earlier he had negotiations with TDP, but nothing worked in favour of Ali there too.

Many rumors about Pawan Kalyan remain rumors as he never choose to clarify on them. But as he is turning a seasoned politician, he is shooting clarity back at rumors. 



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