Pawan Kalyan Gives An Important Job To Naga Babu
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Though Pawan Kalyan is not interested to give posts to his family members in Janasena party, it looks like the massive defeat has made him realize about the need for people who could work some magic. Especially in the case of managing fans who have turned the followers of Pawan in politics, bad management resulted in some burst outs as well as defeat in most of the places.

Reports are coming that Pawan has handed over the mantle of Co-ordination Committee to his brother Nagababu before he starts touring Andhra Pradesh. After returning from TANA event that is taking place in the USA, Pawan Kalyan will be touring parliamentary constituencies in AP, to find out what awarded defeat to them and what made people vote for Jagan en masse. But before that Nagababu, will be grouping the fans and will fill the needed motivation in them. 

There is a reason behind Nagababu getting this post, because earlier he used to be the one who has run all the mega fans, including that of Chiru's fans, Pawan's fans, Charan and Bunny's fans on a single line. He grouped them and made sure that they will not fall away from the nest. That's the reason today Nagababu is getting a similar power in Janasena, but the thing is, will it help the party revive itself and perform well in the 2024 election? It is a long journey anyway. 



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