Pawan Kalyan Blames YSRCP For Its Negligence
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Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan has made a scathing attack on the Jaganmohan Reddy Government on the issue of problems of the Coronavirus patients in AP. He has expressed concern that the common people were not able to access oxygen, hospital beds and ventilators.

Senanit made an outright attack, saying that the YCP leaders and their relatives were reserving oxygen, beds and everything at the hospitals for themselves. They were resorting to these heartless and ruthless activities without realising how much suffering was being caused to the needy patients coming from poorer sections.

Pawan deplored that even the Covid vaccines were being given to only those who were favourable to the YCP. This was atrocious and objectionable especially at a time when the infections were posing a lifetime danger. The Jana Sena would continue to condemn these cruel policies of the YCP regime.

Each day, the opponents of CM Jagan are raising their dissenting voices over the epidemic problems. Rebel MP Raghu Ramakrishnam Raju said that the Government has no funds to buy vaccines even as lots of funds were being wasted for the Rs. 6 Cr bullet proof car and helicopter visits of CM Jagan.

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