Pawan Kalyan Announces 5000 Pension For Aged Formers
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anasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan showered innumerable sops to all sections of people. Especially, some of the schemes announced by him are really terrific and surely will make Janasena get a huge advantage in the upcoming poll battle. Especially, some of the welfare programmes appeared to be vote-spinning. He announced Rs.5000 pension for 60+ aged farmers. He announced Rs.8000 per acre for farmers. Students were offered free education from 1st standard to PG. Following are some of the election promises made by Pawan Kalyan and his political ideology.

* I don't have passion to become a CM.

* I don't have TVs and newspapers.

* I don't have thousands of crores.

* Janasena was floated to raise voice against injustice. 

* I entered politics to serve people.

* Humanity is my caste.

* I don't want money. 

* I don't have rivals among other parties. 

* CM post is my responsibility.

* Janasena has a strength from Srikakulam to Rayalaseema.

* 60+ farmers will get Rs.5000 pension. 

* East and West Godavari districts will have a global market with Rs.5000 carpus fund. 

* Every farmer will get solar motor for free of cost.

* Students will get 25 years future. I introduce free education from 1st class to post graduation. Free bus passes will be provided. 

* Dokka Seethamma canteens will be established for students. They will get free food.

* Janasena will create 10 lakh jobs.

* Irrespective of caste and financial status, every family will get an insurance of Rs.10 lakhs.

* Rs.5000 for 25 paise interest will be provided for small scale farmers.

* BCs will get 5% political reservation. Kapus will get reservations through 9th schedule. SCs classification is a sensitive issue and will be solved through consensus only.

* Gold loans are sanctioned with just Rs.50 paise interest. 

* Ministry of Fisheries Development will be started for fishermen. We provide employments for 300 days. If you can't go to fish hunt, we offer Rs.500 per day. 

* We will sincerely try to provide 33% seats in assembly for women.

* Free gas cylinder will be supplied. 

* We will felicitate to women offering saris for every Sankranthi. For DWCRA groups, separate banks will be established. 

* Relli caste people will get Rs.50000 loan with free interest. Relli women will get free scooters. 

* Around 130 self sustaining smart cities across 13 districts will be established. A total of 50000 jobs will be provided through this scheme.



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