Pawan Gets One More Shock From Janasena MLA
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Janasena Party's one and only MLA Rapaka Varaprasad is giving shock after the shock to Pawan Kalyan. After supporting CM Jagan's decision over mandating the English medium of instruction, Rapaka has recently welcomed the decision to decentralize the governance. Rapaka appreciated CM Jagan's proposed decision to have 3 Capitals for AP. Calling it as revolutionary decision, Rapaka said CM Jagan has good vision to develop all the parts of Andhra Pradesh. Rapaka went onto say that Jagan has will to develop the state.

Moving on from the above issues, Rapaka has yet again shown his love for CM Jagan the other day on the eve of Jagan's birthday. Rapaka has not just celebrated CM Jagan's birthday. Rapaka, who had attended the weavers festival at Sakhinetipalli Mandal of East Godavari district, has participated in CM Jagan's birthday celebrations. Rapaka has done Palabhishekam to Jagan's photograph. With this act of Rapaka, he has yet again shown his love for Jagan. Janasena leaders and partyworkers are shocked with Rapaka's act.

On one hand, Pawan has been waging war with CM Jagan on various issues. Pawan has been cornering Jagan over his government's decisions and acts. At this moment, the only MLA of Janasena extending his full support to CM Jagan is certainly disturbing Pawan and the party.



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