Pawan Challenged KCR To Contest Against Him In Bhimavaram
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Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has filed nomination for Bhimavaram assembly constituency on Friday. After filing nomination, Pawan took part in rally and addressed the massive public.

Speaking Pawan targeted Telangana CM KCR and added that vote for YSRCP's candidate in Bhimavaram is equal to vote for TRS party. 'KCR always insults Andhra people with abusive words and now he wants to politics in the state. If he wants to do so, he can directly come instead of taking the shadow of YSRCP,' said Pawan and challenged the Telangana CM to come out openly and contest against him in Bhimavaram.

'The current YSRCP's candidate is TRS's candidate and people should think before they cast their vote,' said Pawan.

Having filed the nominations for the two constituencies, Pawan is likely to increase his speed in the election campaign. He would be campaigning in Vizag on behalf of Jana Sena's candidate, CBI ex-JD Lakshmi Narayana.



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