Parliament Session Could Be A Breeze With Over 1350 MP's In The New Parliament Building
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The Centre led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi came up with a decision to have a new Parliament complex adjacent to the existing Parliament building as the MP seats are expected to increase in the coming elections.

According to some media reports, the Centre is making pans to complete the new Parliament complex by 2022 and if everything goes as per the plan, 2022 Independence day will be celebrated at the new complex.

It has been widely reported that the new Parliament complex will be constructed in a way that as many as 1,350 MPs can be seated at a time for a joint Parliament session.

The new design of the Parliament complex is expected to be triangular-shaped and the overhead sky will be lighted by the tricoloured beam. In the complex, MPs can sit comfortably.

However, the Centre is awaiting a green signal from the Supreme Court to go ahead with the complex construction. Once the Apex Court gives its nod the Centre will gear up for it.

The Centre told the Supreme Court that the existing Parliament is very old and the safety measures in the old Parliament is an area of concern that's why they opted to build a new complex.

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