Parameshwara Reddy Opens Up About Vivekananda Reddy
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The police have found that YS Vivekananda Reddy's close aide Kasunuri Parameshwara Reddy knowns something about the former's murder. But Parameshwara Reddy disappeared ever since Viveka was killed and on Monday there were reports that Parameshwara Reddy is in a private hospital in Chittoor district.

Before the police reached him, media caught hold of Parameshwara Reddy and when asked about his comments on Viveka's murder, Parameshwara said, "This episode has hands of known people close to Viveka personally. To me, Viveka had said that he will not contest the elections instead it was me who proposed Sharmila and Vijayamma's names. But ultimate the party has to take the decision. In this mean time, this episode happened."

Parameswhara Reddy also said he doesn't think there is a political angle in Viveka's murder. Meanwhile, the SIT which is investigating the case is also checking Viveka's financial transactions and Gangireddy's call data.

Viveka's daughter was also probed by the cops and she is said to have confirmed that it was Viveka's handwriting in the letter. She suspected that Viveka might have been threatened to write the letter. Based on the probe, the police have come to the conclusion that two people have arrived at Viveka's residence at late night and attacked him.



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