Opposition Leader Chandrababu Naidu Calls AP CM Jagan Fake ?!?! Deets Inside ......
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A blistering attack on CM YS Jagan was launched on Monday by TDP national president and former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu for throwing wind traditions in the House and denying a constructive debate. CBN, who was suspended for a sit-in near the Speaker's podium along with 13 of his MLAs in the House, defended his move by calling it in the interest of the farming community" "I have done this for this first time in my long career. I never did it earlier. I was left with no options and hence, did it now he said, calling the Chief Minister "a fake CM" who had no loyalty to the people. "People had fallen for CM YS Jagan's fatuous statements and gave him 151 MLAs out of 175 in the state," he said.   

The TDP leader, speaking to the media at Mangalagiri's party state office, said he never foresaw himself entering the podium. "I faced suspension for the first time in my lengthy career. For the sake of the farmers who were suffering greatly because of extreme losses of crops, I faced this. In the past one-and-a-half years, crop losses have been present in over 20 lakh to 25 lakh acres." The AP CM does not take any action to mitigate their problems. Naidu was shocked that the House did not convene until the arrival of CM YS Jagan. "As they have a Constitutional sanctity, the Assembly or Parliament will not wait for any representative. In addition, our deputy leader was laughing at the AP CM," he said. Providing details of crop loss, he said the government did not have a crop insurance scheme. He said Parliament documents said that AP claimed crop insurance and no one knew where it had gone. The TDP will continue to fight for the welfare of farmers regardless of the challenges, he said. He reminded the AP CM that YSRCP "cannot continue its atrocities against BC, SC and ST and minorities and expect us to keep quiet."

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