One By One 'Return Gift' Or 'Shock' To Chandrababu From KCR
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As promised, KCR has been sending back-to-back return gifts to his political rival Chandrababu Naidu which is giving sleepless nights to AP CM and his party leaders. After registering cases on IT Grid India Pvt Ltd, the company that developed and maintained Seva Mitra mobile app of TDP, and the ongoing war between TDP and YCP over the alleged data theft, in a fresh shock a video related to 2015 cash-for-vote case is out. Sakshi TV has aired a video conversation between Sebastian Harry and nominated MLA Stephenson.

The video aired by Sakshi saw Sebastian taking Chandrababu Naidu's name and saying he was acting at the behest of Chandrababu. Now, this video has given a new dimension to the note-for-vote case that had created political storm in 2015.

With one after the other 'Return Gift' or 'Shock' to Chandrababu from KCR, looks like Naidu seems to be worried. As these are unraveling just ahead of 2019 general elections in Andhra Pradesh, these incidents gain a lot of political significance. One has to wait and see, whether YSRCP could turn this into its advantage or not.



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