Official-16 TDP MLAs In Touch With BJP
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The defections of four Rajyasabha Tdp MPs came as a rude shock to Tdp chief Chandrababu Naidu. Thereupon, rumours have been floating around that Tdp MLAs would also defect to the BJP soon. 

And it appears to be official now! BJP AP in-charge and party's national secretary Sunil Deodhar broke out that several Tdp MLAs had approached BJP. Though he didn't disclose the number, BJP sources informed that around 16-17 MLAs from Tdp are in good contacts with the BJP high command and they would defect to the BJP anytime sooner. 

The BJP's AP in-charge has also made it clear that CBN would be probed soon on various corruption practices against him. ""From cash-for-vote scandal to various controversial government contracts awarded by his (Tdp) government, Naidu seems neck-deep in corruption," Deodhar said.

"We are awaiting orders of the present Chief Minister, Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy who has assured him that cases relating to serious fraud and corruption involving the Tdp leadership would be recommended for a CBI probe.

Let's see what is the outcome (of Jagan's assurance). If there is any dilly-dallying by Jagan on recommending a CBI probe, then we will raise the issues relating to corruption involving Naidu and his family. We know that a lot of financial irregularities were committed while building the new capital, Amravati. Cash-for-vote scandal, in which an audio of Naidu was recorded, is yet another glaring incident. There are several such cases against him (Naidu)," added Deodhar.



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