No Corona Re-infection In Andhra Pradesh: Chief Secretary Of Health Department
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Dr Jawahar Reddy, Health Department Special Chief Secretary, said no case of coronavirus has been registered in Andhra Pradesh for the second time that is reinfection of the virus, so far. They said they were working towards the goal of reducing the state's deaths from coronavirus, and that their plans had positive outcomes. While 10,000 cases are reported annually, the mortality rate is less than 1 per cent. He said that the death rate in AP was lower in all states where the majority of cases have been registered Jawahar Reddy, speaking at a media conference in Vijayawada on Tuesday, said that zero surveillance surveys were carried out in 4 districts

"We are also conducting Zero Surveillance Survey in the remaining 9 districts and cases are doubling in our state in 30 days with most cases registered by Prakasam and Nellore; 96 percent of cases come from within the containment clusters," Jawahar Reddy said. He also said they are working on a wide scale to raise awareness among people to prevent infection with coronavirus, and they have set up 104 call centres and support desks for the public.

Meanwhile, Coronavirus tests were carried out on 56,490 new people in Andhra Pradesh where on Monday 10,004 people announced positive testing for coronavirus. The total number of coronavirus deaths reported in the state so far has reached 3,969 with 85 new corona deaths registered. And on Tuesday as many as 8,772 people recovered from the corona, of which 3,30,526 people have recovered from coronavirus in the state so far and there are 1,00,276 active cases. The total number of positive cases of coronavirus reported in the state so far is 4,34,771.

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