New Capital City Will Be Decided Based On Public Opinion
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In a starting announcement on AP's new capital, Municipal Administration minister Botsa Satyanarayana has announced that the new capital city will be decided based on public opinion. Botsa stated that the Experts Committee would tour across the state and take people's opinion on the new capital city and the final decision will be taken considering the opinion of the people.

Botsa said the committee would start its visit in 3 to 4 days. He said the Committee's recommendations, advises along with public opinion will be taken and discussed in cabinet meeting and then the state government is going to take the final call based on these. Botsa also said there is difference of opinion on constituting AP High Court.

He said some want the High Court to be continued in Amaravati and some others want the High Court to be set up in Rayalaseema and some others want it to be set up in Uttarandhra. Botsa said the Experts Committee would look into it. He said the Committee would do a comprehensive research and analysis on the holistic progress of the state and it would submit its report based on its findings.

Amaravati Costly For Construction

Botsa stated that the previous government led by TDP hasn't considered Siva Ramakrishnan Committee report and its findings. He said the previous government had formed a committee under the leadership of Municipal minister P Narayana and took the crucial decision of making Amaravati as capital. Botsa said the temporary Secretariat building has the threat of flood and it could possibly sink if heavy flood comes.

Botsa opined that the foundation of the building should be dug at 100 feet to construct a building in Amaravati - "flood-hit region". He said this makes the construction in Amaravati very expensive and it burdens public exchequer. He alleged that the public money was wasted by previous government and huge corruption had taken place. The natural disasters would cause a great difficulty for the functioning of the government in Amaravati. Botsa said the Experts Committee would look into all these aspects.

Reverse Tendering for Construction of Houses For Poor

Botsa stated that the state government is going for the Reverse Tendering for the construction of houses for poor that was launched by previous government with the Township and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (TIDCO). He said the Reverse Tendering would be conducted for 50,000 homes that are at the foundation level.

While the proposed number of homes by previous government were high, Botsa stated that only the homes at foundation level would be completed and the remaining were scrapped. He said the remaining eligible beneficiaries would be given land to build flats. Botsa said the state government would only construct the necessary constructions and he said others would be stopped.



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