NBK, Vinayak Opt Remake Script
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A film announced in the combination of Nandamuri Balakrishna, VV Vinayak and producer C Kalyan bought smiles on the faces of NBK Fans. However, Balayya has too many commitments to fulfill before jumping on this because NTR biopic in Krissh direction and an untitled political script with Boyapati Srinu are already in the offing. So, it might take at least 2019 mid for NBK-VV-CK assignment to take off.

Meanwhile, Vinayak reportedly used his chief writer Akula Siva to narrate couple of commercial storylines and Balayya disgracefully rejected them. We heard that C Kalyan advised Vinayak not to depend more on Akula Siva, instead put forward the proposal of remaking super hit Kannada flick Tagaru starring Shiva Rajkumar in main lead, written and directed by Duniya Soori.

Heroism elevation and buildup shots are top notch quality in Tagaru. Of course, Vinayak being a master in handling such scenes, C Kalyan is optimistic on winning the nod from NBK too. However, bringing in required changes for the Telugu version will be again a challenge for VV’s writing team, given the pathetic result of his last him Inttelligent. Definitely, this is a good decision by C Kalyan



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