Nawazuddin Siddique Went Missing After Metoo Allegations On Him
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Nawazuddin Siddique is one of the most profilic Bollywood actors in the present generation. He made a huge career out of his unconventional looks and spell-bounding acting skills.

He did have an affair with Neeharika Singh, a model turned actress few years ago. This became a huge #MeToo scandal as the model decided to talk about their relationship and his changing nature as his popularity grew with elaborate details. 

The actor decided to not talk about the allegations and infact, he is nowhere to be found at his regular hangout places or at his home. This is making many suspicious about him.

He grew in stature so much that people started wanting him in at least one scene roles in their films. With such demand, he could have just denied all that is written by Neeharika Singh and his fans would have believed him. 

But him suddenly disappearing from the scene has raised even more eyebrows and pointed fingers at him. Well, he completed most of his work for the movie, he is part of and we have to wait and see, when he come out of his hibernation. 






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