Natural Death For Nani And Srireddy Case
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Controversial actress Sri Reddy made a lot of false allegations on several celebrities, but always attracted headlines as she revealed a lot of salacious details.

In the beginning, Nani ignored comments and her allegations as he believed that she is all doing this for "Bigg Boss" show.

She hoped to get a chance as contestant in the second season of the show but she wasn't selected.

Later she put series of posts on Facebook alleging that Nani has exploited couple of women and she claimed that he had maintained brief relationship with her. Irritated with her false allegations, he sent legal notices to her.

The notices were served and she was asked to apologize to Nani in a week's time. Weeks have passed since then, but she has not made any apologies.

However, Sri Reddy has stopped making any further wild allegations. Also she has put an end to her vitriolic outbursts against him. So, this episode too saw "natural death". 



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