Naresh Comments On Sai Dharam Tej: Bandla Ganesh, Srikanth & Others Fire
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Actor Naresh’s comments on actor Sai Dharam Tej’s bike accident is now drawing flak from Tollywood celebrities.

Celebs like Srikanth Meka and Bandla Ganesh termed Naresh’s comments insensitive and irresponsible. On Saturday, actor Naresh released a video wishing for Sai Dharam Tej's speedy recovery and said, “My son Naveen and Tej are close friends. They both took their bikes and started from my home hours before the accident. I heard the sound of bikes and thought I will tell them to be careful but they had already left. Just a few days ago, I wanted to counsel them on bike racing."

He added, "Even I suffered from such accidents and my mother made me promise to avoid bikes back then. These are youngsters who are about to get married and have a bright future. They should be careful while driving." Despite the good intentions, Naresh also compared the incident to when Kota Srinivas Rao and Babu Mohan's sons died in bike accidents.

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After Naresh made these comments, actor and producer Bandla Ganesh fired on him. “This is not the time for his lectures. We all are happy that Sai survived a fatal accident but he is referring to people who lost lives due to road accidents. This is the time that we all must pray for a speedy recovery of Sai Dharam Tej," he said.

Actor Srikanth Meka also condemned the video and said, “Sai Dharam Tej is the most mature youngster I know and he never drives his bike rashly. It is a minor accident and the bike lost control due to mud on the road. It is sad that people are dragging things like racing into this and they are even referring to deaths caused by road accidents. Actor Naresh’s comments will only add to the family's hurt in these tough times.”

However, actor Naresh clarified that he had nothing but right intentions when making the video. “My comments are twisted because I never said that he drives rashly. It was an accident due to mud on the road as he was coming from a tea shop opening. I know that he is a responsible guy and we all are praying for his comeback to films," said Naresh.

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