Nandamuri Family Have To Find Their New Showstopper To Promote TDP
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Just in five years time, a lot of things have changed for the Nandamuri family heroes, when it comes to films. And now, they have to find their new showstopper to promote the Telugu Desam party in some constituencies.

Way back in 2014 elections, while Nandamuri Balakrishna campaigned for himself and for a couple of others, Jr NTR hasn't turned up in the campaigning as usual since his last appearance in 2009. And then, the showstopper of the Nandamuri family at that time is Nara Rohit. With hit films and in great form, he has that time toured in some places to promote Telugu desam party. 

And now in 2019, while Balayya will campaign for himself again, who is going to become that showstopper who is not contesting but promoting TDP? While Nara Rohit is out of the scene this time, it looks like Jr NTR has no mood to do that even after a decade long gap from his first ever campaign. 

The new star from Nandamuri family who got the latest craze is Kalyan Ram. So, will he come for campaign this time Or will he never appear like the way he has never appeared at his sister's election campaign in Kukatpally? Let's see.



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