Mohan Babus Allegations And Protest Against TDP Government
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Actor Mohan Babu all of a sudden brought 'Fee Reimbursement' topic to the headlines and alleged that Andhra Pradesh state government owes Rs 19 crore to his educational institutes. He called for a protest in Tirupati on Friday. However, the police have denied permission for rally with election code being effective.

Reacting to Mohan Babu's allegations, TDP has countered it. The official spokesperson  Kutumba Rao held a press conference and said that the government has to pay Rs 6.48 crore and don't know why Mohan Babu claims Rs 19 crore.

"Mohan Babu demanded for fee reimbursement at the beginning of financial year. Whereas every college will complete all the formalities of admission by September. So any government will pay in the latter half of the year. How can the fee be reimbursed in March," said Kutumba Rao and questioned Mohan Babu whether he is doing business or running an educational institute.

Kutumba Rao went on to criticise Mohan Babu who publicises that he gives 25 percent free education to the poor and backward classes but the government is already paying him. This means Mohan Babu is doing nothing and he should not claim that he is giving free education. 



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