Mohan Babu Tweets About Fake News of His Jail Sentence
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Earlier today, there was news that the Errum Manzil court in Hyderabad sentenced Mohan Babu to one-year imprisonment in a cheque bounce case. This was the case which was filed by director YVS Chowdary in the year 2009 for nonpayment of his remuneration for the film Saleem.

As soon as this new spread all over, Mohan Babu tweeted that this news is fake and he is hale and happily sitting at his residence. Mohan Babu recently joined YCP and we need to see what will his response to all such news in the future.

Just heard about the false news propaganda by a few TV networks. Much to their disappointment, I am at my home in Hyderabad.

— Mohan Babu M (@themohanbabu) April 2, 2019



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